nsjf 2010 Workshops: Session 3

Niagara Social Justice Forum 2010: Saturday, March 20th from 9 a.m. – 5:45pm Pond Inlet, Brock University: FREE! Lunch Provided 🙂

2:15: SESSION 3: Workshops

Native Woman – Endangered Species
Presentation by: Wendy Sturgeon, Executive Director, Niagara Chapter-Native Women Inc. & Marie Jones, Aboriginal Child Advocate, Niagara Chapter-Native Women Inc.
   Indigenous Women’s Rights are a social justice issue. There is a long history of dominant societies not only oppressing Native women but deliberately discriminating against us by creating legislation that keeps Native women in an inferior position, unable to succeed inter-generationally. This legislation was put in place to extinguish Native women altogether, and has been a powerful force of genocide.
   This presentation will take the observer / audience through the macro-view to the micro-view and will include the following: Truth Telling and History from a global / national Indigenous perspective, and an examination of the Ontario and Niagara perspective. This workshop may include the use of a power point presentation, group activities, and audience participation.

Food Sovereignty in the Global South: A Development and Peace Appeal
This workshop’s objective is to raise awareness about the critical issue of food sovereignty, the injustices associated with agrofuel production, and the nationwide campaign directed at Prime Minister Harper, host of the G8 Leaders’ Summit in 2010, to promote the responsible use of land for agriculture in the Global South.

Peace Cafes: Opening Your Own Community Centre for Peace Education and Social Justice
A Peace Café is a public space with ethical and sustainable food & drink, a peace resource library, engaging social justice oriented events, and personal and group development workshops. This workshop explores what a Peace Café is, who is running them, where they are, how they came to be, and how anyone could start one in their own community.


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