nsjf 2011: Invitation to Organize Activities


Hosted by the Social Justice and Equity Studies Graduate Program at Brock University, the 5th annual Niagara Social Justice Forum includes a day-long programme of concurrent activities including workshops, performances, exhibits and information tables in a fair-like atmosphere. Last year’s event attracted over 150 people from both campus and the community and explored a wide range of issues.

Examples of workshops from past programmes are:

“Native Woman – Endangered Species”
“Faculty for Palestine”
“The Other Side of Consciousness: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Queer Films”
“Conflict, Violence and Reconciliation: Lessons to be drawn from Colombia”
“Food Sovereignty in the Global South: A Development and Peace Appeal”
“Nothing About Us Without Us! ‘Photovoice’ as Research and Community Development Method”

The main goal of this event is to build relationships between student groups, activists and community organizations working on social justice issues in the Niagara region. The purpose of this ‘call’ is to invite individuals and groups with an activist orientation to submit a proposal to host a workshop, performance, exhibit or information table. The themes should have strong local relevance. We encourage activities including art, music, drama or non-traditional modes of interaction.


  • In one page or less provide a title and brief description of proposed activity. Workshop slots are 90 minutes in duration. Exhibits, information tables and performances can vary in duration.
  • Make clear its relevance to the event.
  • Suggest what groups may participate.
  • Identify who is proposing and will organize the activity. Include contact information.

We will accommodate as many proposals as possible, while aiming for a diversity of issues and kinds of activities. Those proposing activities are responsible for mobilizing the necessary resources to mount the activity. Forum organizers will co-ordinate the event, provide food, space, childcare and technological support, as well as outreach and promotion of the Forum’s activities. The event is free, accessible and open to the public.

For more information and to submit proposals contact the Niagara Social Justice Forum committee at socialjustice.nf@gmail.com or 905 688 5550, ext 5591. For questions and/or to submit a request for an information table contact Mary Breunig at mbreunig@brocku.ca or 905 688 5550, ext 5387.


The Niagara Social Justice Forum will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2011.

For more information about the Niagara Social Justice Forum explore our website!


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