Dal Puri Disapora, A Documentary with Richard Fung

Dal Puri Disapora, A Documentary with Richard Fung

Behind every recipe is a story and this is exactly the case for Dal Puri, also known as roti, a very famous Indian dish. Richard Fung, the film’s director who is currently based in Toronto, was born in Trinidad and Tobago, a little island in the southern Caribbean just northeast of Venezuela. It is his childhood home which Fung recalls by being flooded with warm childhood memories and his favorite snack of which he grew up on, Dal Puri. Originating from India, Dal Puri is a crispy flatbread stuffed with various meat dishes.  Every now and again Fung stops to buy the snack from Toronto vendors. Amazed at how the recipe had managed to travel overseas to Toronto, Fung steps out on an adventure to discover its origin. The trip takes him back to Trinidad and all the way to India where its migration leads him to explore various topics such as colonialism, religion, migration. Fung is a professor and teaches at OCAD University.


The attached link is a video from the Toronto Star with Richard Fung who shows viewers how to make their own Dal Puri.


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