Friday’s Schedule in Brief

8:45 AM: Door’s Open, Student Alumni Centre (Isaacs), Brock University


Ohnia: Kara Drummers and Idle No More

9:50 AM: Transition to Workshops

10:00-11:30 AM: Session 1 Workshops

  • Conversation Cafe – The Occupy Movement, Student Alumni Centre (Isaacs) 
  • The Politics of Aid, PL 600F
  • Pseudo Phobia, ST 105
  • Reimagining Consent, Sankey Chamber 
  • The Global Mining Industry, PL 500A
  • Student Justice Centre Open House, Decew 206 

11:30 AM: Light Lunch and Melodies of Justice Cafe, Student Alumni Centre (Isaacs)

1:00-2:30 PM: Session 2 Workshops 

  • Self-Reflection for Activists, ST 105 
  • Engaging Men in Anti-Violence Activism, PL 500A
  • Solidarity and Action Against Poverty, Student Alumni Centre (Isaacs) 
  • Zine Scenes, PL 600F 
  • Student Justice Centre Open House, Decew 226 

2:30 PM: Conversation Break

3:00-4:30 PM: Session 3 Workshops  

  • Proud to be an Ally, PL 600F 
  • Unpeeling the Banana Trade, ST 105 
  • Drama as a Social Intervention, TH 253 
  • Injured Workers Centre, Student Alumni Centre (Isaacs) 
  • Native Youth Sexual Health, Sankey Chamber 

4:30 PM: Conversation Break 

5:00 PM: CLOSING PLENARY, Academic South 215

Film Screening: Dal Puri Diaspora 

**Niagara-Caribbean food will be served. Discussion with Director Richard Fung will help us further reflect on how this cuisine illustrates the politics of global migration.**


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