Melodies of Justice Cafe

A lunchtime music cafe at the Forum features these local performers:


Steven Baranyai

Steven plays Anishinabe music with the hand drum and flutes, and Haudensaunee music with a water drum.  In 2012, Steven’s flute CD was awarded “world group of the year” by the Niagara Music Awards.


Aaron Berger

Aaron’s soulful folk and pop rock style communicates gratitude for life and community, and the desire to share in creating a more beautiful world.


James Deurloo

James is a Niagara based spirit/folk singer who writes on historical characters and events, and weaves his stories and songs beautifully.


Derek Roche

Derek performs original songs about war, consumerism, living in the present, life and death, and a variety of other themes.


Zita Seshi

Zita is an international student from Ghana who is passionate about social justice for women in Africa.  Zita loves to sing and believes that music lingers in our hearts and pushes us to make changes.


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