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8th Niagara Social Justice Forum, Saturday, January 31, 2015



Visit our website for detailed information about the 8th Annual Niagara Social Justice Forum!


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EVENT: Indigenous Perspectives on the War of 1812

Alternative Histories and Artistic Representations

Alan Corbiere, Ojibwe Cultural Foundation, Shelly Niro, artist, and curator Carol Jacobs, Brock University Elder in residence

Moderated by Renée Bedard, Tecumseh Centre

PLUS the exhibit:
Four Artists from Six Nations, paintings & photographs by Haudenosaunee artists

Friday, March 23rd, 3 – 5 pm | Niagara Artists Centre | 354 St. Paul Street | http://www.nac.org/home.html

This event is organized by the Social Justice and Equity Studies Program at Brock University in place of the Niagara Social Justice Forum for 2012. We hope you can join us.

Sponsors: Social Justice and Equity Studies MA, History Department, Aboriginal Education Council, Tecumseh Centre for Aboriginal Research and Education, Aboriginal Student Services, Women’s and Gender Studies, Brock University, and the Niagara Artists Centre

Questions? Contact Professor Margot Francis: mfrancis@brocku.ca

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nsjf 2011: Reel Injun

evening event of the 2011 Niagara Social Justice Forum:
REEL INJUN: A film by Neil Diamond

The evening event for the 2011 Niagara Social Justice Forum features a screening of the fantastic documentary Reel Injun followed by a short panel discussion. Panelists are: Laurie Kirk, Michelle Sherry and Lacey Lewis.

6:30-7:00 Enjoying victuals provided by Rise Above for purchase
7:00-7:05 Laurie Kirk will introduce the film
7:05-8:30 Screening of Reel Injun
8:30-8:40 Break
8:40-8:55 Panelists Laurie Kirk, Michelle Sherry and Lacey Lewis will speak to the film
8:55-9:30 Open the floor to the audience for questions and discussion

onefortyfive Gallery – 145 King Street, Downtown St. Catharines
For directions visit the onefortyfive Gallery website:
Cost of event: FREE!

About the Film: Reel Injun
Hollywood has made over 4000 films about Native people; over 100 years of movies defining how Indians are seen by the world.

Reel Injun takes an entertaining and insightful look at the Hollywood Indian, exploring the portrayal of North American Natives through the history of cinema.

Travelling through the heartland of America, Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond looks at how the myth of “the Injun” has influenced the world’s understanding – and misunderstanding – of Natives.

With candid interviews with directors, writers, actors and activists, including Clint Eastwood, Jim Jarmusch, Robbie Robertson, Sacheen Littlefeather, John Trudell and Russell Means, clips from hundreds of classic and recent films, including Stagecoach, Little Big Man, The Outlaw Josey Wales, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and Atanarjuat the Fast Runner, Reel Injun traces the evolution of cinema’s depiction of Native people from the silent film era to today.

VIEW THE Reel Injun Trailer:

For more information about the film visit the Reel Injun website: http://www.reelinjunthemovie.com

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nsjf 2011: ART SPACE

ART SPACE at the 2011 Niagara Social Justice Forum
Art in relation to marginalized communities and social justice has a long, complex and radical history. The committee of the Niagara Social Justice Forum honours this history and is committed to the concept of ‘art as a tool of social justice’. We are thus excited to have 3 distinct art series be presented at this years forum.

Each series is vital to the discussion of social justice and touch on complex issues that ultimately interconnect (as all issues do).

Below is information about each series that will be displayed in Pond Inlet from 9am – 4pm during the 2011 forum. We hope these small teasers will excite you to see all of the work live and get you thinking about your own participation in art as a tool for social justice.

Top Row: tapestry about homelessness by tina hjorngaard.
Middle Row: photos from Art to Help Save Pigs 
left: photo by Kevin Weil and right: Caged Pig by Dirk Giesselmann.
Bottom Row: photos from OUTWords –
left: photo by Sarah-Lee Umraugh and right: photo by Sofia Guerrieri.

an art project by tina hjorngaard, Ryerson social work student
Artist Statement: “I have created a communicative quilt through a participatory research project on homelessness. The end result is a work comprised of visual depictions of the meaning of ‘home’ from the perspectives of people with lived experiences of home-lessness in and around the greater Toronto area.”

curated by SJES 5P70 student Ian Purdy

Artist Statement: “Art to Help Save Pigs is an initiative of the Toronto Pig Save collective. The multimedia art exhibit aims to promote animal rights and veganism by highlighting the plight of pigs and other “farm animals” heading to Toronto’s slaughterhouses by showing both what is and what is possible in our relationship with these complex creatures.”

For more info about Art to Help Save Pigs visit: http://torontopigsave.wordpress.com

OUTWords: A free program brought to you by The People Project (Toronto) mashing up media arts, leadership, queer-stories and current issues from around the world to fuel an OUTWords movement of young Spectrum LGBTTQQ2SIA* leaders.
participating artists: Anna Belayev, Javier Cacheiro, Heidi Cho, Sofia Guerrieri, Romeo Pierre, Gabriela Rodriguez, and Sarah-Lee Umraugh.

OUTWords is an intensive arts and leadership program for spectrum youth primarily between 17 and 21.  Participants have access to art, readings, videos, and activities that explore LGBTTQQ2SIA* histories and issues. The program encourages critical thinking, creative expression and collective advocacy.

The People Project is a collective and social enterprise dedicated to the practice and engagement of people empowerment for social change. Founded by youth leaders Kim Crosby and Natalyn Tremblay, The People Project works closely with Toronto’s LGBT youth community providing innovative and participatory arts and leadership programs and projects.

For more info about OUTWords and/or The People Project contact:  info@thepeopleproject.ca or visit: http://www.thepeopleproject.ca

*LGBTTQQ2SIA: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transexual, Queer, Questioning, 2-Spirited, Intersex and Asexual.

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nsjf 2011: CFBU 103.7 fm Radio Interview

On Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 CFBU 103.7 fm Program Director Deborah Cartmer interviewed Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Brock University and Niagara Social Justice Forum committee member Keri Cronin about the upcoming forum on April 9th.

To listen click on the link:  http://www.cfbu.ca/aud/sj.mp3

ABOUT: CFBU 103.7 fm
CFBU is a non profit corporation run by Brock University Student Radio(BUSR). They broadcast at a frequency of 103.7 fm, sending 250 mighty watts from the top of the Schmon Tower at Brock University, in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Brock University Student Radio Collective
CFBU is operated by the Brock University Student Radio, a non-profit corporate body. To become a member of BUSR, individuals must become volunteers at CFBU. Community members must also pay an annual membership fee of $20.00.

For more information about CFBU 103.7 fm and/or to get involved with CFBU 103.7 fm as a volunteer or radio host visit: http://www.cfbu.ca

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nsjf 2011: Schedule

Niagara Social Justice Forum 2011
Saturday, April 9th
9 am – 5pm
Pond Inlet, Brock University
Price: FREE. Lunch Provided

Evening Event: Screening of “Reel Injun”
onefortyfive Gallery – 145 King Street, Downtown St. Catharines
6:30pm, FREE


8:45am: DOORS OPEN. Coffee Available
9: Welcome and Opening Remarks (Pond Inlet)

9:30-10:30: SESSION 1
Workshop 1a: Protecting Brock’s Niagara Escarpment
Workshop 1b: Developing a People’s Assembly on Climate Justice for Niagara
Workshop 1c: Disability Accessibility, Cultural Sensitivity and Audisum
Workshop 1d: Social Media: Your Movement Needs You!

10:30-10:45: Coffee Break (Pond Inlet)

10:45-11:45: SESSION 2
Workshop 2a: No One Is Illegal-Toronto
Workshop 2b: Youth Homelessness: The Invisible Population
Workshop 2c: Health Care Service Issues in Niagara
Workshop 2d: Animal Rights on Film

11:45-12:30: “Protecting the Escarpment” Walks

12:30-1:30 Lunch (Pond Inlet)

1:30-2:30: SESSION 3
Workshop 3a: Back to the Source: The Right to Water Access
Workshop 3b: Resisting Orders, Crossing Borders
Workshop 3c: Migrant Workers
Workshop 3d: The Problematic yet Promising Relationship Between Faith and Social Justice
Workshop 3e: Aboriginal Diabetes: Hip Hop & The Empowering Voice of Aboriginal Youth

2:30-3:00 Coffee Break (Pond Inlet)

3:00-4:00: SESSION 4
Workshop 4a: Vagina Monologues Performance
Workshop 4b: The Global and Local Relevance of Sport and Physical Education
Workshop 4c: Unveiling the Veil
Workshop 4d: Are We Heading Towards the Futuristic Vision of Gender and Race?: Fluidity of Gender and Race in Science Fiction Films
Workshop 4e: The Bad Trip: Niagara Threatened by Motorway Madness

4:00-4:45pm: Performance by WomEnchant (Pond Inlet)

We will be having an ART SPACE upstairs in Pond Inlet from 9am – 4pm. There will be exhibitions and opportunities to explore your creative side in the spirit of Social Justice. No artistic experience necessary!

ART SPACE will feature: a visual project by tina hjorngaard about homelessness in Toronto, an exhibition curated by SJES 5P70 student, Ian Purdy, entitled “Art to Help Save Pigs” and a series of photographs by LGBTQ youth as part of the 2010 OUTwords Arts and Leadership program facilitated by The People Project.

There will also be INFO TABLES set up in Pond Inlet from 9-4pm.

NOTE: The NSJF 2011 will be providing FREE childcare and ASL interpretation. To reserve your spot and/or inform us of ASL interpretation please email socialjustice.nf@gmail.com by Friday, April 1st, 2011.

For map, visit:
*Pond Inlet is located in “J” block of the MacKenzie Chown Complex which is directly north of the Zone 1/Lot A parking lot

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nsjf 2011: Invitation to Organize Activities


Hosted by the Social Justice and Equity Studies Graduate Program at Brock University, the 5th annual Niagara Social Justice Forum includes a day-long programme of concurrent activities including workshops, performances, exhibits and information tables in a fair-like atmosphere. Last year’s event attracted over 150 people from both campus and the community and explored a wide range of issues.

Examples of workshops from past programmes are:

“Native Woman – Endangered Species”
“Faculty for Palestine”
“The Other Side of Consciousness: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Queer Films”
“Conflict, Violence and Reconciliation: Lessons to be drawn from Colombia”
“Food Sovereignty in the Global South: A Development and Peace Appeal”
“Nothing About Us Without Us! ‘Photovoice’ as Research and Community Development Method”

The main goal of this event is to build relationships between student groups, activists and community organizations working on social justice issues in the Niagara region. The purpose of this ‘call’ is to invite individuals and groups with an activist orientation to submit a proposal to host a workshop, performance, exhibit or information table. The themes should have strong local relevance. We encourage activities including art, music, drama or non-traditional modes of interaction.


  • In one page or less provide a title and brief description of proposed activity. Workshop slots are 90 minutes in duration. Exhibits, information tables and performances can vary in duration.
  • Make clear its relevance to the event.
  • Suggest what groups may participate.
  • Identify who is proposing and will organize the activity. Include contact information.

We will accommodate as many proposals as possible, while aiming for a diversity of issues and kinds of activities. Those proposing activities are responsible for mobilizing the necessary resources to mount the activity. Forum organizers will co-ordinate the event, provide food, space, childcare and technological support, as well as outreach and promotion of the Forum’s activities. The event is free, accessible and open to the public.

For more information and to submit proposals contact the Niagara Social Justice Forum committee at socialjustice.nf@gmail.com or 905 688 5550, ext 5591. For questions and/or to submit a request for an information table contact Mary Breunig at mbreunig@brocku.ca or 905 688 5550, ext 5387.


The Niagara Social Justice Forum will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2011.

For more information about the Niagara Social Justice Forum explore our website!

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