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nsjf 2011: ART SPACE

ART SPACE at the 2011 Niagara Social Justice Forum
Art in relation to marginalized communities and social justice has a long, complex and radical history. The committee of the Niagara Social Justice Forum honours this history and is committed to the concept of ‘art as a tool of social justice’. We are thus excited to have 3 distinct art series be presented at this years forum.

Each series is vital to the discussion of social justice and touch on complex issues that ultimately interconnect (as all issues do).

Below is information about each series that will be displayed in Pond Inlet from 9am – 4pm during the 2011 forum. We hope these small teasers will excite you to see all of the work live and get you thinking about your own participation in art as a tool for social justice.

Top Row: tapestry about homelessness by tina hjorngaard.
Middle Row: photos from Art to Help Save Pigs 
left: photo by Kevin Weil and right: Caged Pig by Dirk Giesselmann.
Bottom Row: photos from OUTWords –
left: photo by Sarah-Lee Umraugh and right: photo by Sofia Guerrieri.

an art project by tina hjorngaard, Ryerson social work student
Artist Statement: “I have created a communicative quilt through a participatory research project on homelessness. The end result is a work comprised of visual depictions of the meaning of ‘home’ from the perspectives of people with lived experiences of home-lessness in and around the greater Toronto area.”

curated by SJES 5P70 student Ian Purdy

Artist Statement: “Art to Help Save Pigs is an initiative of the Toronto Pig Save collective. The multimedia art exhibit aims to promote animal rights and veganism by highlighting the plight of pigs and other “farm animals” heading to Toronto’s slaughterhouses by showing both what is and what is possible in our relationship with these complex creatures.”

For more info about Art to Help Save Pigs visit: http://torontopigsave.wordpress.com

OUTWords: A free program brought to you by The People Project (Toronto) mashing up media arts, leadership, queer-stories and current issues from around the world to fuel an OUTWords movement of young Spectrum LGBTTQQ2SIA* leaders.
participating artists: Anna Belayev, Javier Cacheiro, Heidi Cho, Sofia Guerrieri, Romeo Pierre, Gabriela Rodriguez, and Sarah-Lee Umraugh.

OUTWords is an intensive arts and leadership program for spectrum youth primarily between 17 and 21.  Participants have access to art, readings, videos, and activities that explore LGBTTQQ2SIA* histories and issues. The program encourages critical thinking, creative expression and collective advocacy.

The People Project is a collective and social enterprise dedicated to the practice and engagement of people empowerment for social change. Founded by youth leaders Kim Crosby and Natalyn Tremblay, The People Project works closely with Toronto’s LGBT youth community providing innovative and participatory arts and leadership programs and projects.

For more info about OUTWords and/or The People Project contact:  info@thepeopleproject.ca or visit: http://www.thepeopleproject.ca

*LGBTTQQ2SIA: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transexual, Queer, Questioning, 2-Spirited, Intersex and Asexual.


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nsjf 2011 Workshops: Session 2

Niagara Social Justice Forum 2011: Saturday, April 9th from 9 am – 5pm Pond Inlet, Brock University: FREE! Lunch Provided :)

10:45-11:45am: SESSION 2: Workshops

Workshop 2a: No One Is Illegal-Toronto – Craig Fortier, No One Is Illegal-Toronto
Location: MC C407
No One Is Illegal-Toronto will work with participants to develop an analysis of why people migrate, how this is connected to capitalism and colonialism and how people become undocumented.  Our workshop is meant to challenge dominant understandings of migration and to assert the right of people to move freely and resist displacement.  More specifically we will discuss tangible campaigns that we have engaged in where we have effectively challenged Canadian immigration policy – including the Shelter, Sanctuary, Status campaign, the Education Not Deportation campaign, the Food for All Campaign, the May Day of Action and the broader Sanctuary City.

Workshop 2b: Youth Homelessness: The Invisible Population – Bertha Power and Helen Slee
Location: MC D308
The purpose of this workshop is to bring an awareness of this issue in Niagara, and to showcase the needs of these youth and what resources are available to them in the community. A presentation by local service providers, and facilitated drama exercise will help frame this issue with measurable goals.

Workshop 2c: Health Care Service Issues in Niagara – Sue Hotte, Niagara Health Coalition
Location: MC D309
This workshop will discuss adequate funding for Medicare and health services vs buying new jet planes and building prisons. The outcome of this federal election will have huge implications on the state of and access to health care and services in Niagara, Ontario and Canada.

Workshop 2d: Animal Rights on Film – Kimberly Costello, BARC and NAfA
Location: MC H313
Some say that video footage is the activist’s most effective tool for inducing critical thinking. This workshop will use powerful video footage to explore the often unseen lives of farmed animals and to expose the truth behind animal agribusiness.

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