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nsjf 2011 Workshops: Session 3

Niagara Social Justice Forum 2011: Saturday, April 9th from 9 am – 5pm Pond Inlet, Brock University: FREE! Lunch Provided :)

1:30-2:30pm: SESSION 3: Workshops

Workshop 3a: Back to the Source: The Right to Water Access – Elizabeth Sauer, Liz Morelli, Frank Fohr and Nancy Santamaria
Location: MC C407
“Back to the Source” will heighten awareness about the critical issue of the national and international right to water access. This workshop offers a unique perspective on the connection between our choices and their implications for the peoples of the Global South. The multimedia workshop will include a DVD on The Story of Bottled Water, a powerpoint presentation on the consequences of the privatization of water in the South; a skit dramatizing debates over the issue; and an invitation to create Bottled Water Free Zones and advocate for the right to water at the local, national, and international levels.

Workshop 3b: Resisting Orders, Crossing Borders – Karrie Porter, Michelle Robidoux and The War Resisters Support Campaign, Niagara Chapter
Location: MC D308
Is it just that the Canadian government should deport Americans who have decided to seek asylum in this country rather than be redeployed to fight in an illegal war of occupation that has decimated Iraq and killed thousands upon thousands of its citizens? Abandoning their country, friends and family to seek a new life has been a difficult and often painful experience for war resisters and they are grateful to have the support of the majority of Canadians. American war resisters come from small towns and cities in economically depressed regions, much like Niagara. Brock students and Niagara residents have much to learn from these men and women. In this important workshop, a local war resister will share her family’s story.

Workshop 3c: Migrant Workers – Richard C. Mitchell, David Fancy, Frupo N. Doam, Rangel R. Zapata, Jackie Barrett-Green, Jennifer Pothier, Chris Woodall, Jeff Burch and Janet McLaughlin
Location: MC D309
The workshop aim is to communicate contemporary legal, labour, health and advocacy issues building upon outcomes from last year’s SJ Forum when Niagara Region migrant worker representatives requested Brock faculty assist them in engaging in a public, participatory, democratic conversation focused on their concerns.

Workshop 3d: The Problematic yet Promising Relationship Between Faith and Social Justice – Bob McMillan and Troy Watson
Location: MC H313
How has faith both helped and hindered social justice movements throughout history? What positive aspects can postmodern Christian faith bring to social justice work? How can social justice help Christianity progress and mature into a more benevolent influence in our world? This workshop will explore these questions.

Workshop 3e: Aboriginal Diabetes: Hip Hop & The Empowering Voice of Aboriginal Youth – Laurie Sherry-Kirk, John Henhawk and Southern Ontario Diabetes Aboriginal Initiative
Location: MCD 303
This workshop discusses how Aboriginal youth are using the art of Hip Hop musicality as an organizing tool to address both the disproportionate levels of diabetes that are prevalent within their communities and also as a form of activism to resist the Coca-colonization and McDomination of Aboriginal people.


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